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Our Thanks
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Our Russian Princess, Sarah Catherine Olesya Johnson

We can't thank you all enough...

I want to thank the wonderful people at Christian World Adoption for making our adoption experience the best possible experience one could expect from an adoption.  Your quick knowledge of the stiuations made everything happen at an unbelievable rate, thanks to the help of our God above.
If our agency had not been as knowledgable of each and every step, we would have never found our precious baby. 
It truly helps to have a reputable agency to work with!  I want to personally thank my case manager Denise Hunter, for all her hard work and for taking all my phone calls, when I know she had 100's of others she could have taken or other things she needed to be doing.  If it was just to stop and call and see how things were going on my end, or to call with the wonderful news of our travel invitation!  Thank you so much Denise!
Thank you to our wonderful facilitator whom worked for CWA for numerous years, without him we never would have found our precious daughter.
Above all thanks I want to thank our Blessed Heavenly Father for watching out for us each and everystep of our adoption, and for keeping your watchful eye on our 2 boys while we were away from them.  From finding our daughter to carrying us in your hand over to that far away country to meet her!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without you, we never would have made it!  It was all in Your Plan! 
Thanks to our friends and family for remembering us when you did, during all our ups and downs in the process! 
Thanks again!
Tammy Johnson