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Home at last
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Our Russian Princess, Sarah Catherine Olesya Johnson

A Forever Family!
Fresh off the 24 hour flights! Home in Louisiana!

Leaving Baby home January 24,2003

Second night in Russia with mom and daddy!
What a difference Love can make!


What a journey the last 3.5 years have been.  It seems as if yesterday we were bringing you home.  You are such a precious and beautiful little girl that has such a love for life.  You love your family so much and it shows in your beautiful eyes when one of us walk in the room.  You love gymnastics and I hope will continue to love the sport.  You are a precious gift from God and steal the heart of eveyone you meet.  You are very full of Life!  We thank God for you each day. 
We hope you always know what a joy you are to us and eveyone you come in contact with! 
Love mom

Our first year with our precious Sarah-Cate has been so full of special moments and so much love. We never would have dreamed our precious daughter would be such the joy she is! She is the light of everyones lives, she is her daddy's princess and has him wrapped so tight around his little finger it isn't even funny. She is growing like a weed! So beautiful and so tall for her age compared to her peers her age. She has come along way from the frail little girl she was in January of 2003 when she joined our family. She has a head full of beautiful dirty blonde hair has the most beautiful grey/green eyes and is 33 inches tall. She has grown by leaps and bounds since we brought her home. She is in the 95% for her height, guess we may have us a model on our hands, that would be ok with me, but dad has his reservations about that!

She is talking up a storm and loves to swim. Yes, she will jump off the diving board with me or Mark in the pool and swim to the side with her water wings on. She loves her brothers so much and can hang with them when things get rough and tough. We have lost a front tooth from playing and plan to have that fixed as soon as our 2 yr moalers come in.

We are headed back to the beach this summer and she is so excited and will squeel about going to the beach, this summer should be abit more fun than last, with her being a yr older!

Thanks for visiting and I will try and keep this site updated as time allows!

But for now, we are out to the pool!

I will try to keep this website updated as often as time allows!  Please spread the news of international adoption!  I would be glad to talk to anyone who may have questions.

She is our precious gift from God! 

Mark and Tammy Johnson

Michael, John-Caleb and Sarah-Cate

First day home